Programmes & Schemes

Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation (CSISAC)

Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation (CSISAC) is being implemented from 12th Plan period since2012-13. It is the result of merger of two erstwhile schemes namely, Restructured Central Sector Scheme for Assistance to NCDC Programmes for Development of Cooperatives and Central Sector Scheme for Cooperative Education and Training.

CSISAC has the following two components:-

Assistance to NCDC Programme for Development of Cooperatives including Assistance to National Level Federations

(i) Marketing, Processing, Storage, Consumer, Weaker Section Programmes of Cooperatives, Computerisation of PACS, DCBs and SCBs and T&P Cell Scheme for strengthening Management of State Cooperative Federations and office of RCS (subsidy on tapering basis).

To provide financial assistance for improving the economic conditions of cooperatives, remove regional imbalances and to speed up cooperative development in agricultural Marketing, Processing, Storage, Computerization and Weaker Section Programmes, the Government provides assistance to NCDC for financing the activities of agro-processing, marketing of foodgrains and input supply, plantation/ horticultural crops, development of weaker sections such as tribal cooperatives, dairy, poultry, livestock, fisheries, handloom coir, jute sericulture cooperatives etc., and computerization of cooperatives.

(ii)Assistance for cotton development including ginning and pressing and establishment of new and modernization / expansion /rehabilitation of existing cooperative spinning mills :

The basic objective of the scheme is to help cotton growers fetch remunerative price for their produce through value addition besides ensuring supply of quality yarn at reasonable rates to the decentralized Weavers. Under this component, financial assistance is being provided to the cooperative spinning mills for share capital participation, modernization / expansion of existing mills, rehabilitation of sick cooperative spinning mills, margin money assistance to cooperative spinning mills and State Cotton Federations, besides for setting up of new and modernization of existing cotton ginning and pressing units.

(iii) Integrated Cooperative Development Projects in selected districts (ICDP)

The scheme aims to promote overall development of selected districts in the country through cooperative efforts in agriculture and allied sectors including fisheries, poultry, handloom and rural industries etc.; strengthen cooperative network; promote business development plans by forging effective linkage with credit and other institutional structure in the area; develop PACS as multi-purpose entities and modernization of management of Cooperatives.

(iv) National Cooperative Federations

It aims to strengthen the base of the weaker National Level Cooperative Federations viz, National Federation of Labour Cooperatives (NFLC), National Federation of Urban Cooperative Banks (NAFCUB), All India Federation of Cooperative Spinning Mills (AIFCOSPIN), National Federation of State Cooperative Banks (NAFSCOB) & National Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks Federation (NCARDBF) and to provide assistance to NFLC for skill development.

Assistance to Cooperative Education and Training Programme

(i)Cooperative Education

Implementation of this component of the scheme is done National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) for intensification of Cooperative Education and field projects in the cooperatively under developed areas/states for spreading general awareness about the cooperative institutions, their working, business development activities, socio development activities like health care, family welfare, drinking water facilities, etc. and development of participation of women in the socio-economic activities. Activities like implementation of educational programmes for women, youth, minority community through the State Cooperative Unions, convening of Indian Cooperative Congress and other Conferences, Seminars etc. for cooperative development, international promotional activities, running of cooperative data bank, for publication of books, journals, etc. for the promotion of cooperative are also undertaken.

(ii)Cooperative Training by NCCT and VAMNICOM

Providing training to middle level and senior level personnel of the cooperatives and State Govt. officials by NCCT

(iii) Assistance to Junior Cooperative Training Centres

Junior Cooperative Training Centres (JCTCs) are primarily meant for providing training to the personnel of the base level cooperative organizations.

(iv) Assistance to CICTAB

The centre for International Cooperation and Training in Agriculture Banking (CICTAB) located at VAMNICOM, Pune, conducts training courses/workshop/seminars on various aspects of agriculture banking, promotes technical cooperation amongst sub region countries of SAARC like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India.